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Registration Dates: July 10th to December 5th

Entry Submission Dates: July 20th to December 15th

First Round (Online Voting/Streaming): 20th to 30th December 2021

Grand Finale: 20th & 21st January 2022   (Finale and Declaration of Winners via Online Live Premiere)


"Playing a flute is like writing a book. You're telling what's in your heart! It's easier to play if it's right from your heart. You get the tone, and the fingers will follow. This ITH, sing your heart out, as you carve out a name for yourself among the musicians of today."

No: of Rounds: 2

1. 1 st Round:Online Voting/Streaming Round

2. Final Round: Online Judgment Round

Allowed Categories


1. Sub Junior (5 to 10 Years) - August 21st 2010 to August 20th 2015

2.Junior (11 to 15 Years) - August 21st 2005 to August 20th 2010

3. Senior (16 to 20 Years) - August 21st 2000 to August 20th 2005

4. Super Senior (21 to 25 Years) - August 21st 1995 to August 20th 2000


1. Sub Junior (5 to 10 Years) - January 1st 2011 to Dec 31st 2016

2.Junior (11 to 15 Years) - January 1st 2006 to Dec 31st 2010

3. Senior (16 to 20 Years) - January 1st 2001 to Dec 31st 2005

4. Super Senior (21 to 25 Years) - January 1st 1996 to Dec 31st 2000

General Instructions

• Registered Cultural Schools (Art school/Music school/Film school/ Dance school/ Cultural Club etc.) students across UAE, and registered Academic Schools/ Colleges across India are only allowed to participate.

• A participant represents only 1 school.

• Declaration in this effect shall be signed along with the registration via respective Cultural Institution. Organizers may authorize one of the registered organizations to represent any Major Cities in UAE if no Cultural School is available for participation from the particular UAE Sector.

• Contestant Registrations open from July 10th to December 5th .

• Video Submissions for the 1st Round to be made between July 20th to December 15th .

• Online Voting/Streaming & Jury Judgment for the 1st Round along with submitted videos will be happening between 20th to 30th December 2021.

• List of Grand Finalists will be published on 3rd January 2022.

• Grand Finale of ITH 2021 will be happening on 20th & 21st January 2022.

Rules & Regulations - Online Voting/Streaming Round

• After Registrations via respective Cultural/Art Institute, each applicant should submit rough cut video content of his/her Wind performance.

• The video content should be submitted to the mail registration@indywoodtalenthunt.comContestant can use services like WeTransfer/Google Drive etc. to mail the content.

• Contestant videos will be uploaded via ITH YouTube platform by the Official team (Copyright consent to be submitted by contestants while Registrations)

• The organizers have the right to use the video content submitted by the contestants for promotion, advertising and screening in ITH YouTube channel & other ITH Social Media pages

• Karaoke or any kind of orchestral track cannot be used. Violation of this rule will lead to disqualification.

• Performance Video to be shot in one single take & one single frame. Violation will lead to disqualification

• Editing is strictly prohibited. If any editing activity is found out, contestant will be disqualified.

• Duration – 2 to 5 mins. Variation from time limits will lead to disqualification.

• • Genre should strictly restrict to Musical Instrument -Wind. Otherwise contestant will be disqualified. Musical Instrument -Wind include Brass instruments such as, Horns, Trumpets, Trombones, Euphoniums, & Tubas and Woodwind instruments like Recorders, Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Saxophones, And Bassoons etc.

• No Language Barrier

• Candidates should strictly follow the age limits mentioned and should register in the respective age categories only.

• Candidates to make sure YouTube Copyright issues are not violated. ITH will not held responsible in case the submitted video in YouTube gets removed by YouTube

• Applicants must agree to abide by all rules, as changed from time to time by the organizers.

• The Submitted video will be available for Online Voting & YouTube viewing process from ITH event website (http://www.indywoodtalenthunt.com) from 20th to 30th December 2021..

• The applicant details & the video thumbnail will be visible in the ITH website followed by the voting button

• Selection to Grand Finale depends on the Jury Marks for the Submitted Video (50 Marks), number of votes obtained via online voting (25 Marks), No: of YouTube Views obtained (25 Marks).

Jury Judgment on submitted video will be based on Talent Factor. Editing is strictly prohibited. If any editing activity is found out, contestant will be disqualified.

• As mentioned earlier, Contestant should submit a Live Recording Video without Karaoke/track.

• The total list of Selected Participants for the Grand Finale of Game of Chords- Wind Instruments will be published on 3rd January 2022.

• Any information about the identity of the voters will not be disclosed.

• Each person can only register and vote one time

• Registration and voting can be most easily be done anytime in minutes online from your computer, smartphone, tablet or mobile device.

Rules & Regulations – Grand Finale Round

• Grand Finale of Game of Chords- Wind Instruments will be happening either on 20th & 21st January 2022.

• Applicable to best 10 contestants for each applicable age categories from Online Voting/ Streaming Round.

• Exclusive Live Platform launched by ITH Team will be used for the competition (Will be announced later)

• Karaoke or any kind of orchestral track cannot be used. Violation of this rule will lead to disqualification

• Decisions of Judges will be final

• Any languages are applicable.

• Duration – 2 to 5 Mins

• Evaluation will be based on Choice of the tune, Performance of the Piper & Perfection in rendering the tune

• The final results will be published 22nd January 2022 via ITH Website - (http://www.indywoodtalenthunt.com) & ITH Social media platforms.

• ITH reserves the right to cancel this competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control, or if the number of participants does not exceed the minimum number decided by ITH during finale.

Prizes & Opportunities

• Prize winners will be honored Certificates/ Opportunity for Entry to Indian Film Industry through Indywood network.

• Grade system will be applicable to find out Individual Champions in Sub Junior, Junior, Senior & Super Senior (Girls/Boys) Music/Dance/Fine Art/ Acting & Filmmaking/ General Events.

  1. 70% and above     A Grade - 5 Points
  2. 55 – 70%                B Grade - 3 Points
  3. 40 – 55%                C Grade - 1 Point
  4. First Prize               Grade points + 5 Points
  5. Second Prize          Grade points + 3 Points
  6. Third Prize              Grade points + 1 Point
Winners 2021