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Registrations : Till November 20th

Event Date : Dec 2nd & Dec 3rd 2019

Brain Masters (General Quiz)

"Have you ever wondered what it takes to have an incisive, inquisitive, insightful and irreverent mind? Knowledge and knowledge only. This ITH, sweat it out against some of the best quizzers. Challenge your knowledge, rack up your nerves, bring out your best, for anything less won’t suffice."

No: of Rounds: 3

1. 1st Round:Preliminary Round

2. 2nd Round: General Round

3. 3rd Round: Rapid Fire Round

Allowed Categories

1. Super Senior (DOB Range: August 1st 1996 to July 31st 2001)

2. Senior (DOB Range: August 1st 2001 to July 31st 2005)

3. Junior (DOB Range: August 1st 2005 to July 31st 2008)

4. Sub Junior (DOB Range: August 1st 2008 to July 31st 2013)

PRELIMINARY ROUND  – Rules & Regulations

1. It’s a team event, with 2 members in a team , corresponding name can be given to each team

2. Each team would be given a set of question paper containing 25 questions including tie breaker questions

3. Time limit - 30 minutes

4. Only 5 Teams would be selected for STAGE ROUNDS under corresponding Category

5. More than two teams from same institution under the same category will not be selected for finals

6. The selected teams shall have to appear for the final round

GENERAL ROUND – Rules & Regulations

1. Applicable to the 5 teams selected for Finals

2. A question will be asked to a team and if they are unable to answer it will be passed to the next team

3. 10 marks will be awarded for direct answers & 5 mark will be given for passed question

4. Each team would be asked 2 questions from these four categories

  1. Current affairs
  2. Science & Technology , Education ( Sub Juniors & Juniors )
    Science & Technology , Education ( Seniors & Super Seniors )
  3. Sports & Arts
  4. Movies & Books

5. Answering time is only 15 seconds.

6. Team discussion is allowed.

RAPID FIRE ROUND – Rules & Regulations

1. Each team will be asked 10 questions one after another in one minute time

2. 10 marks for the correct answer and negative 5 marks for the wrong answer

3. Team discussion is allowed

4. If a team cannot answer the question, they can say pass for the next question. The question will not be forwarded to the next team.


1. Only team entries are eligible.

2. A team shall consist of max two persons.

3. The decision of the quiz-master will be final and will not be subjected to any change.

4. The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments.

5. The questions shall be in the form of multiple choice, True / False statement, Specific-answer question etc.

6. Audience shall not give any hints or clues to the competitors.

7. Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration

8. Teams selected for the Stage rounds will be allowed to give themselves an appropriate name related to the competition by which they may want to be known.

9. ITH reserves the right to cancel this competition at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control, or if the number of participants do not exceed the minimum number decided by ITH for Finale. 

10. The Decision of Panel of Judges shall be final & abiding to all. The Parents/ Participants/ school authorities will have no right to contact Judges directly. Complaints from Parents/ Teachers will not be entertained, however, in the of any discrepancy; the authorized Cultural/Art Institute representative can submit a written complaint to the Organizers office at the Venue within 15 minutes soon after the declaration of the results and to pay a non – refundable fee of AED 250/- per complaint. The Cultural /Art Institute authorities should assign a team manager for this particular event to coordinate with the Organizing committee

11. The contestants should complete their makeup & costume before one hour the event is scheduled to be held. If contestants are not available at the venue after third call, the organizers will have the right to cancel his/ her participation. Only two minutes will be provided for Stage Setting apart from the allotted Time Frame for each Live Stage event (Exception only for Amplified (Music Band) & Super Six Show)

12. Cultural/Art Institute Representatives (or) parents should take care of their wards and their personal belongings. Indywood Team will not bear responsibility for any loss or damage.

Prizes & Opportunities

1. Brain Masters Champions for each age Category will be honored on Day 2 of Grand Finale, which will be conducted along with valedictory function. Prize winning Teams can collect their prizes at the ceremony. Participation certificates will be issued through respective schools. First, Second & Third Prize is applicable.

2. Overall Championship for Brain Masters (General Quiz) is applicable. School with the Maximum points will be the Overall Champion. Grade system will be applicable to find out Individual Champions in Sub Junior, Junior, Senior and Super Seniors (Girls/Boys).

  1. 70% and above      A Grade - 10 Points
  2. 55 – 70%                 B Grade - 6 Points
  3. 40 – 55%               C Grade - 2 Points
  4. First Prize               Grade points + 10 Points
  5. Second Prize          Grade points + 6 Points
  6. Third Prize              Grade points + 2 Points

3. Individual Champions will be awarded with Mr. Indywood (Boy) / Ms. Indywood (Girl)- (Sub Juniors, Juniors, Seniors & Super Seniors Separate). At least 1 First prize in any event and a prize in any other event is required to get qualified for the individual championship. If no one meets this requirement individual champions shall be selected on basis of max points obtained. Then also, if no one meets the requirement, group event points will be considered.