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1 st Round Date : Till Oct 26th (Registration Procedures + Auditions)

Semi Finals Date: Nov 1st to Nov 10th

Finals Date : Dec 2nd 2019


"It is said that a song can be used to express feelings that mere words cannot describe. To be able to convey such a message is in itself, a form of art. This ITH, sing your heart out, as you carve out a name for yourself among the musicians of today."

No: of Rounds: 3

1. 1st Round: Preliminary Audition

2. Semi Final Round: Online Elimination Round

3. Final Round: Live Performance (Finale)

Allowed Categories

1. Super Senior (August 1st 1996 to July 31st 2001)

2. Senior (August 1st 2001 to July 31st 2005)

3. Junior(August 1st 2005 to July 31st 2008)

4. Sub Junior(August 1st 2008 to July 31st 2013 )

Grand Finale Round - Rules & Regulations

1. Applicable to best 10 contestants for each applicable age categories from Semi Final Round, which were published on Nov 12th 2019.

2. Finalist need to give a Live Stage Performance at the event venue, in front of eminent Jury members & Audience, which will be happening on Dec 2nd 2019.

3. Duration – 3 to 10 mins. Violation of time limits will lead to disqualification.

4. Genre should strictly restrict to Eastern Style. Otherwise contestant will be disqualified. Eastern Styles include Indian Classical Music Forms, Semi- Classical Music Forms & Indian Popular Music.

5. For Indian Classical Music Forms (Carnatic & Hindustani) & Semi Classical Music Forms (Light & Folk), only electronic Thanpura (Shruti Box) can only be used in the background.

6. For Indian Popular Music(Indian Filmi Songs – Melody & Semi Classical), Karaoke Track has to be used in the background while singing.

7. Any languages are applicable.

8. Main Evaluation will be based on Choice of the Song, Performance of the Singer, Audience Impact and Perfection in rendering the song

9. Decisions of Judges will be final

10. ITH reserves the right to cancel this competition or add contestants at any stage, if deemed necessary in its opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of its control, or if the number of participants do not exceed the minimum number decided by ITH during finale. 

11. The Decision of Panel of Judges shall be final & abiding to all. The Parents/ Participants/ school authorities will have no right to contact Judges directly. Complaints from Parents/ Teachers will not be entertained, however, in the of any discrepancy; the authorized Cultural/Art Institute representative can submit a written complaint to the Organizers office at the Venue within 15 minutes soon after the declaration of the results and to pay a non – refundable fee of AED 250/- per complaint. The Cultural /Art Institute authorities should assign a team manager for this particular event to coordinate with the Organizing committee

12. The contestants should complete their makeup & costume before one hour the event is scheduled to be held. If contestants are not available at the venue after third call, the organizers will have the right to cancel his/ her participation. Only two minutes will be provided for Stage Setting apart from the allotted Time Frame for each Live Stage event (Exception only for Amplified (Music Band) & Super Six Show)

13. Cultural/Art Institute Representatives (or) parents should take care of their wards and their personal belongings. Indywood Team will not bear responsibility for any loss or damage.

Prizes & Opportunities

1. Prize winners will be honored on Day 2 of Finals, which will be conducted along with valedictory function. Prize winning Teams can collect their prizes at the ceremony. Participation certificates will be issued through respective schools.

2. Grade system will be applicable to find out Individual Champions in Sub Junior, Junior, Senior & Super Senior (Girls/Boys) Individual Events. For the Overall Championship, points of the group events will also be counted. Vocal Fame is a Solo Event.

  1. 70% and above       A Grade - 5 Points (Individual)/10 Points (Group)
  2. 55 – 70%                B Grade - 3 Points (Individual)/6 Points (Group)
  3. 40 – 55%                C Grade - 1 Point (Individual)/2 Points (Group)
  4. First Prize               Grade points + 5 Points (Individual)/10 Points(Group)
  5. Second Prize          Grade points + 3 Points (Individual)/6 Points (Group)
  6. Third Prize              Grade points + 1 Point (Individual)/2 Points (Group)

3. Individual Champions will be awarded with Mr. Indywood (Boy) / Ms. Indywood (Girl)- (Sub Juniors, Juniors, Seniors & Super Seniors Separate). At least 1 First prize in any event and a prize in any other event is required to get qualified for the individual championship. If no one meets this requirement individual champions shall be selected on basis of max points obtained. Then also, if no one meets the requirement, group event points will be considered.