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Super Six Stage Show

1. Super Six Stage Show will be an entertainment session for which both Teachers/Management Representatives & students from the Top 10 Cultural/Art Schools (Based on the total number of Registrations from the Institute & number of entries into the Grand Finale) can perform their talents as a team during the Grand Finale of Indywood Talent Hunt International 2019 – UAE Chapter, which shall be assessed by the chief guests based on its professional entertainment concept.

2. A Team can consist of 20 members without any age barrier. 10 Minutes will be allotted for each team to do any kind of Performance Art Fusion.

3. The participants should produce supporting documents for Cultural/Art School verification if required.

4. Breakable items, fire, water, inflammable items or items which may make the Performance floor untidy is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule will lead to definite disqualification.

5. Misbehavior of any team member/ representative or by any accompanying persons at the venue will result in the disqualification from the Super Six Show.

6. For the Overall Championship, additional Points to the Institutions as per the winners of Super six stage show will be as following:

  1. First Prize               60 Points
  2. Second Prize           50 Points
  3. Third Prize               40 Points
  4. Fourth Prize               30 Points
  5. Fifth Prize               20 Points
  6. Sixth Prize               10 Points