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Fine Arts

  • Vibrance Painting

    The Vibrance - Painting event is an on the spot painting competition. True to its name, participants are expected to use paints of any medium to create coloured artworks on the given topic on the spot. The participants with the most unique use of the topic and artistic skills, bags the prizes.

  • Monochrome

    Monochrome Monochrome is a basic pencil sketching event where participants will have to draw and shade on an A3-paper based on the given topic in 3 hours.

  • Character Design

    Participants have to design a new character or a new skin for a character of their choice from any game or book or movie. Any medium. The winner will be judged on the basis of the design details of the character and the art doesn't have to be very artistic. It can be a rough detailed sketch. This event will be more like creativity and design idea based unlike the usual art events.